Xiaomi Yi Will Support 4K Video Better

Yi Technology, a company from China which is supported by Xiaomi plans to introduce the latest series of camera action besutannya next year. The company plans to launch action camera is equipped with 4K video recording capabilities.

However, not just a 4K video, this camera is touted capable of recording video with smoother result. Quoted from Digital Trends, Friday (12/30/2016), Yi latest action camera is capable of taking video at 60fps.

The speed is different from another camera capabilities, which generally only supports 30fps. Faster frame rates makes the display becomes more smooth, and allows video edited in slow motion (slow motion).
Generally, users who want to get the recording softer should lower the camera resolution to 2,7K. This was done so that the video recording is done can have a speed of 60fps.

Therefore, this new camera will be called Yi 4K +. According to CEO Sean Da Yi Technology, this camera will be introduced first on the mat Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017. Other information about this camera will be known when the event takes place.

Along with the latest action camera, Yi Technology also ensures helped introduce the latest drone besutannya. Drone named Erida is claimed to be a three-rotor drone fastest on the market, with speeds reaching 120km / h.

For information, together with Xiaomi, Yi Technology has released at least two action camera. Even this year, the company was officially introduced its first mirrorless camera that is named Xiaoyi M1.

This camera has a sensor with a resolution microfour-thirds achieve 20MP sensor. Affairs sensitivity level, this camera already has ISO up to 25,000. Xiaoyi M1 is also equipped with 4K video recording capability with framerates 30 fp.