Ultimate Gift Reviews – Robot Vacuum Cleaner And Shower Radio

The robot vacuum cleaner and the shower radio are endlessly practical and functional gifts, which, while not being the most exciting gifts to give or receive, are always a good choice to give to someone who needs a new house and home gadget.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner
If you are buying a gift for someone who knows their home gadget stuff, a robot vacuum cleaner is probably high on their list. Yes, it does sound like something ripped straight from a bad science-fiction concept, but the robot vacuum cleaner has been a staple in some homes since the early 2000s. Robot vacuum cleaners are based on a simple premise  wireless and compact robotic vacuum cleaners that can be left unattended to whirr around homes collecting dirt and debris. And since they were first dreamed up by a robotics boffin, all sorts of different brands and types of robot vacuum cleaners have sprung up. But how do they actually compare to a standard vacuum cleaner?

Firstly no robot vacuum cleaner, no matter how many bells and whistles it has, is ever going to seriously compete with a standard vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning prowess purely because its compact size doesnt give it the necessary suction power. They are really useful gadgets for everyday cleaning, though, and are perfect to give to someone who isnt able to wield a heavy vacuum cleaner about as often as they would like to.

Practically every robot vacuum cleaner currently on the market has a similar design  a round device, weighing between 3 and 5 kg, with rotating brushes to collect and sweep up dirt and debris. Most are operated with a remote control for programming specific settings and are powered by a rechargeable battery, some have an inbuilt function for automatic docking when the battery expires or runs low. As you may expect, and just like standard vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners vary in price and quality from around 70 to 650, with some of the more popular iRobot and Klarstein models costing between two and four hundred pounds.

The Shower Radio
The shower radio has become a bit of a staple in modern homes, and many multi-taskers just cant go through their day without a quick blast of their favourite music in the shower every morning. Shower radios make really versatile gifts too, you can give them to students or flat-sharers that dont have the room for a freestanding radio, and they are just as suitable for people who simply dont have the time to listen to the radio because of hectic working or home lives.

Shower radios have a pretty simple concept  they are waterproof devices, sometimes available as novelty shapes like taps or ducks, which do everything a standard freestanding radio does. Shower radios tend to be sturdy gadgets that are long lasting, although some cheaper models are known to lack a high quality sound and have a poor range of reception (this is something to be expected from all radios, though). Ultimately, shower radios are fool-proof and affordable, and with the constant development of sound technologies, crackly sound and a limited range of stations are becoming a thing of the past. Popular shower radios range in price from 4.99 for a novelty, tap-shaped radio to around 50 for a top-of-the-range Sony device.